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Privacy Policy
Our subscriber information, your privacy and trust are important to us.
Please review our full privacy policy below.

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About CSC
Welcome to CSC Publishing, Inc. online.

CSC Publishing, Inc. publishes business-to-business magazines and related products.
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CSC's publications include trade magazines such as Powder and Bulk Engineering, Powder Coating, Tablets & Capsules and Inhalation.
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Contact CSC
Publishing Office:
1155 Northland Drive, St Paul MN 55120
General Inquiries:
Main Phone: 651-287-5600
Fax: 651-287-5650
Advertising rates: info(at)

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CSC Privacy Policy


This policy was developed for CSC Publishing, Inc., publisher of business-to-business magazines and related products under the brands Powder and Bulk Engineering, Tablets & Capsules, and Inhalation. Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy, we provide this notice which explains the information we collect, how we use it, under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it, and how we store it. When you provide us with your information to subscribe to our magazines, you are accepting the information practices described here. If you do not agree with this overview and our policies, do not subscribe or access our websites. We only use information you provide.

Contact Information

CSC Publishing Inc., 1155 Northland Drive, St. Paul, MN 55120
Phone: 651-287-5600 or Fax: 651-287-5650.

There is a contact us feature through each of our websites and websites have staff list with direct email and phone contact information. Our websites are:

Powder and Bulk
Tablets & Capsules
At any time you wish to change any of the data we have for you, or, to opt-out of receiving our magazines or ancillary products, please reach out to us and we are happy to handle this. Any of our digital products or promotions have an opt-out option and those are processed prior to the next email project.

General email correspondence can be sent to the publication’s general email box as follows:

Powder and Bulk
Tablets & Capsules

This US Privacy Policy is written for and represents CSC Publishing, Inc. and its brands, products, and websites for Powder and Bulk Engineering, Tablets & Capsules, and Inhalation. CSC reserves the right to modify or replace this privacy policy at any time and it is effective upon posting to the websites. This policy applies to CSC Publishing, Inc. and does not apply to sites of third-parties that may be accessible through connections on our websites. We encourage you to read privacy policies of websites you visit regularly. We’d like to remind you of the importance of using secure communications to access and use websites and to avoid the use of public or other unsecured wireless access to provide any private information.

Cookies: To serve you in the best capacity, we want you to know we use cookies. Cookies use distinct keys that allow us to recognize your computer and remember your past visit. For example, it allows quick access to our Article Archive by populating your username and password without having to rekey it each time. Most browsers contain instructions on how to set your cookie preferences, get a notification, accept cookies, or disable cookies entirely. This account information is not shared.

Subscription information collected: When you subscribe to any of our magazines, you will be asked to provide contact and business information including name, title, company, and business address information with phone and email. Because we are an audited magazine, we also ask demographic information including business/industry details, job function, and plant size. Information that you provide is used to deliver our magazine, follow-up with you if your magazine is not deliverable, notify you about renewals, and market our other products of interest. Everything we produce has an opt-out option, should you decide later to stop receiving other products. Your information is shared with the USPS and digital delivery systems to delivery your magazine. Since we are audited, your information is shared with our audit bureau to verify your demographics. Postal addresses may be rented for direct mail purposes by our partners. We do use addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses for renewal purposes. Our subscription information is managed in-house. See data security section for more details.

Registration/PBE Solids Handling Conference: When you register to attend the PBE Solids Handling Conference, your information is managed by our management company, so that you are kept up-to-date with activities around the event. The servers are secure, and only PBE and show management staff handle this data. A third-party vendor is used for payment processing for educational sessions and all of this done through a secured website. After the event, attendee postal data will be shared with exhibitors for follow-up.

Newsletters: All e-newsletters we publish are compliant with Can-Spam Act of 2003. Each issue email contains a valid opt-out mechanism. CSC is not in the business of selling customer information. However, in some circumstances, we share information with sponsors of our newsletters. Webinar: Information supplied while registering for this event will be used to communicate future specifics on the program and links for the event. In addition, it will be shared with any sponsors we have for this event.

Surveys: CSC partners with Readex Research for industry research on buying action plans, advertiser brand awareness, and message impact studies. Your record may be selected by Readex Research from a list provided by CSC to participate in this survey only. CSC and Readex adhere to ethical practices and respect your rights of privacy and choice. Like all CSC projects, you can opt-out of these and request not to be included in future survey groups. Survey results will be shared.

Data Security statement:

The information collected by CSC Publishing, Inc. is stored securely on a centralized corporate server residing at CSC Publishing’s main headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. We take this responsibility very seriously.

The corporate server is protected from outside access by a WatchGuard firewall. The WatchGuard firewall is updated quarterly with the most recent software release available. The corporate server uses an Open Directory to authenticate users and groups with a two-step verification. The users and groups were developed by senior CSC Publishing staff and managed accordingly. Passwords are changed every six months.

The corporate server software is updated quarterly with the latest software from the manufacturer. The customer data is stored on specific volumes on the corporate server. CSC Publishing, Inc. does onsite nightly corporate server backup. Replication snapshots are taken of the corporate server every hour. Cloud Station Share Sync is used to sync files in real time to an offsite server.

GDPR notice:

We understand our responsibility to protect individuals’ data and interests. We take this responsibility very seriously.

When you are completing a subscription form, you are opting in to a subscription of the magazine. Other channels of the brand will not be supplied, until you indicate your preferences. Any time you change your mind about a product, you will always be able to opt-out.

Our Privacy Policy has been updated and we will continue to add or improve information, so our subscribers understand how we collect, use, share, and store data. Efforts have been increased to make sure each of our products clearly states this information and that every email or digital product has opt-outs that are quickly processed.

Our websites and our printed and digital products all have our contact information available. To make contacting us easy, we provide free methods such as Contact Us links, general email boxes, staff emails, mailing information, phone, and fax numbers. At any time, we will be happy to share what information we have in your record and make necessary changes, updates, or preferences that you request.

We have and will continue to strive to set expectations, implement safeguards, and not use data in ways you would find intrusive or which could cause harm.